In this Industry

Precision Makes

the Difference. 


We Care About Our Final Product

Whether the part is for a camera, pictured above, or going on Boeing 747, we care about final uniform cosmetics.

Top Toyoda.jpg

Lights Out!

Our Lights Out capability and machine flexibility create an environment where multitude of parts can run day or night, rain or shine, and even through weekends or holidays without breaking a sweat.


A place for everything and everything in its place.

A concept at VBI that we follow and believe. Shadow Boards are one of many things that we have implemented to stay productive and on top of Lean Manufacturing.


Modern Machines

Investing in higher end machines, such as Matsuura, allows us to not only Run Lights out with no concern, but we are able to hold and store anywhere from 240 tools to 520. This gives us the capability to quickly switch between jobs when needed.